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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to create a successful student referral Program in a Institute?

Why student referral program fail?
·         1. Institute authorities are not able to establish continues communication with students.
·         2. No Recall mechanism is created to keep the Drive on.
·         3. Institutions do not recognize efforts of admission team while driving student referral.
·         4. Student who refers admissions do not get their dues.
·         5. Referral scheme Remain as undercover Project instead of a well marketed activity.
·         6. Too Many terms and conditions make Referral Incentive looks far to achievable.
Elements of an Successful Student Referral Program?
1. Communication
2. Positioning
3. Reward
4. Recognition
5. Feedback
6. Follow-up

Element No. 1 - Communication
1.    Ensure Communication happens from Top to Bottom.
2.    Referral Scheme should be communicated through all tools i.e Group Announcement, Email, Posters, Internet, and One O One Sessions.
3.    Device a separate communication Plan for Fresh admissions, First Year, Final Year and Alumni students.
 Element No. 2 - Positioning
1.    Referral Scheme should bring a sense of ownership among students.
2.    Special incentive on referring Scholars as admission.
3.    Classification of Student’s Parents based on their Priority and involving them through testimonial, Reason for selecting institute.
Element No. 3 - Reward 
1.    Referral reward to be designed as a attractive tool i.e much above of a fee discounting or money making scheme.
2.    Referral Scheme to be designed as a extended support by institution to supports student’s parent financially.
3.    Reward those who are able to generate walk-in for admission form, Counseling also. 
Element No. 4 - Recognition
1.    Students who contribute marginal or marginally better are not recognized publicly by defining authorities.
2.    Recognition of Contribution is limited to class and only on Non serious Platforms. 
3.    Students get recognized after several follow-ups by referee resulting in lack of motivation.
Element No. 5 - Feedback
1.    Referred Students who attend counseling or pick admission forms are not followed up properly due to which interested students do not get complete required information.
2.    Updates on Referral Status is generally Unstructured and remain ineffective due to which Referrer students are not updated on the development with Referred Student and gradually loose the interest.
3.    There is no score card system for referral program due to which many students who could ignite due to Pear Pressure doesn't get enough kicks to participate.
Element No. 6 – Follow up
1.    No commitment is taken from every student about Referral Count to be given due to which complete referral program revolves around limited targeted audience.
2.    Face to Face meeting with students who promise to Refer however didn’t referred are not done often.
3.    Ownership with Subject Faculty remains least due to which there is no serious follow-up is sensed. 
In case of any clarification/discussion please feel free to reach me.

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