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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Don't wait for THINGS to happen, Make them Happen!

"I will give my life to play like you" said somebody from the audience while listening to a great musician."I have already given", said the musician.

Clarity of thought, sense of direction and ability to execute is the key necessary to achieve our aspiration. Lot of us aspire, however, when it come to perspiration, we fail to make the cut. If you want to be part of cream de la cream you need to have inspiration (10%) followed by perspiration (90%).

When we look at organization pyramid, 85-90% people are at staff level, 5-7% at middle management and 3-5% at top leadership. All of us know very few professionals become Leaders and rest follow them. Choice is nobody else, but our own - whether we want to be part of successful leaders group or want to be bracketed in the follower’s category. It take some EXTRA efforts to shift from Ordinary to EXTRA ORDINARY. It takes a while to be there. Trust me if you are honest to yourself and priorities are clear, you will certainly make it there. I have seen people start pretty well initially, however, they tend to loose the momentum afterward. Continuous rigor has to be there. As a professional, one should definitely have perspicacity and indefatigable approach towards the targeted goal. We must be able to visualize our successes in long term and create a documented plan with defined milestones to be successful.

Relentless Focus is inevitable. Never allow complacency to crop in, once it’s there you will certainly be deviated from your core objective. Everyone gets 24 hrs in a day; it’s up to us how we make a judicious use of our precious time. Time is very important; believe me every second counts in the long run. Life is like a 100 meters race and think of a sprinter’s pain if he looses the race by few micro seconds. Never loose the momentum, continuous effort has to be put in always. Look at Australian cricket team; they always maintain the top ranking in shorter and longer version of game. Their core strength is consistency and never say die attitude. They never allow opposition team to dominate them. They have their plans for individual players of the opposition team & they play mind game before the first ball is bowled.Create new work - In case you have spare time with you, do create a new work for you. Always engross yourself in some work or the other. Utilize time to work on self developmental needs. Don’t wait for your manager/supervisor to assign you with a new work. Be the first one to ask for the new work. You’ll certainly be acknowledged for your humility and honesty. Always leverage your execution ability and make it a hygiene.Sachin Tendulkar symbolizes high performance ; this is about performing in all kinds of testing environment, physically and mentally. He reinvents himself as per the need, while consistently being recognized as someone at the top of his craft. He epitomizes distinctive capability, and it is easy for us to aspire to be like him. High performance and adaptability is the key. I would recommend aspiring professionals to be sincere in approach in their professional career. It’s for their betterment only. “Too many people go through life waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen“.

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When ever we come across such Kicking article, we also read one common question from different readers i.e " How do we ensure our daily routine schedule doesn't take us away from our Goal?".

I think we need to follow these steps to overcome this:

A. Draw SWOT for your career to create SMART Goals.
BInvolve a competent Mentor.
CReview your progress regularly with your mentor.

Addition by Roshan Kumar Rawat

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