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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Why most of time Relationship between Consultant & Company HR doesn’t last more than 6 Months?

Gap from Company HR?

  1. Consultants are deprived of fresh mandates.
You haven’t made Group Email address Book or forget to add some consultant on that group and your consultant realize opening in your company however he is not informed. To ensure this please don’t forget to update your Group Email address & inform consultants to confirm if they will have time to work on this position.
  1. You don’t share feedback of interviewed candidates.
Your consultants keeps on sending you mail about their lineup however they never get feedback on who got selected and who got rejected and why. Sharing rejection reason is more important for them as if you have to groom them you need to tell them where they are missing.
  1. You don’t pick calls of your consultant.
You are so busy in meetings and on your work that you forget to call the consultant who is working on your positions. You have told them that you will call back however knowing the interviewer or shortlisting will not happen in next few day you opt to disconnect consultant calls. To ensure you don’t do these, inform consultants in advance about best time to call you & solve their some quires on email/phone timely.
  1. Delayed vendor Bills.
Your consultant has done his job however his bill is stuck for payment may be due to signing authority not available, you have exceeded your hiring budget, your finance team is having cash crunch & have set a diffident priority for your vendor payments or you have misplaced the bill in your papers. – Reactiveness, Transparency & Ownership is the Key here to ensure you keep your vendors happy.
  1. No Response on the CV shared.
You have received many resumes from your consultants for the position which you floated recently, however person responsible is not available for shortlisting or position JD/Location/Level might change. Inform your consultants why are you not replying and when they should expect revert from you.  

Gap from Recruitment Consultant?

  1. You share Junk CV without matching JD. 
As you work on multiple positions similarly Co HR has multiple tasks like multiple vendors, reviews, presentation, MIS, Interviews, Coordination & the list can go really long. You are judged with the quality of work which you do and if HR gets resumes which are not properly read & shortlisted by you as per JD, it creates a negative perception about your consultancy.
Always try to understand JD & interviewer perspective in-depth before you speak to prospective candidates so that your filtration is well and your candidates gets rejected only based on organizational fitment aspect only.
  1. You don’t discuss your priority.
As you have read “customer first” and “Never Say No” Jargons so you didn’t inform Co HR that you have a family function or your team has planned a trip or you have given prior commitment to some other client to work on their position.
It is advisable you consider yourself as an extended arm of Co HR and update them about your situation clearly instead of giving a wrong commitment as based on your commitment Co HR will be giving commitments to their internal customers.
  1. You work in unorganized manner.
As you are working on multiple positions so you have lineup candidates but have not mailed Co HR about interview schedule of few candidates interview were postponed however you forget to inform them. & HR discovers your lineup when candidate is at their reception.
Suggest you divide your day between BD, Sourcing, and Follow-up & MIS and finish pending task on planned time slots itself as one client lost is equal to 15 Pipeline BD cases.
  1. Negative feedback about Your Consultancy.
Candidates lined up through you don’t give a positive feedback about their interaction with your recruiters or Recruiters fail to give proper response on some candidate/lineups/mandate.
These situations are dangerous as you not only loose client but also it affect the brand value of your clients also. It is advisable you audit call of your team to check how they are pitching the job/company and correct where ever required before a candidate or client observe. 

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to create a successful student referral Program in a Institute?

Why student referral program fail?
·         1. Institute authorities are not able to establish continues communication with students.
·         2. No Recall mechanism is created to keep the Drive on.
·         3. Institutions do not recognize efforts of admission team while driving student referral.
·         4. Student who refers admissions do not get their dues.
·         5. Referral scheme Remain as undercover Project instead of a well marketed activity.
·         6. Too Many terms and conditions make Referral Incentive looks far to achievable.
Elements of an Successful Student Referral Program?
1. Communication
2. Positioning
3. Reward
4. Recognition
5. Feedback
6. Follow-up

Element No. 1 - Communication
1.    Ensure Communication happens from Top to Bottom.
2.    Referral Scheme should be communicated through all tools i.e Group Announcement, Email, Posters, Internet, and One O One Sessions.
3.    Device a separate communication Plan for Fresh admissions, First Year, Final Year and Alumni students.
 Element No. 2 - Positioning
1.    Referral Scheme should bring a sense of ownership among students.
2.    Special incentive on referring Scholars as admission.
3.    Classification of Student’s Parents based on their Priority and involving them through testimonial, Reason for selecting institute.
Element No. 3 - Reward 
1.    Referral reward to be designed as a attractive tool i.e much above of a fee discounting or money making scheme.
2.    Referral Scheme to be designed as a extended support by institution to supports student’s parent financially.
3.    Reward those who are able to generate walk-in for admission form, Counseling also. 
Element No. 4 - Recognition
1.    Students who contribute marginal or marginally better are not recognized publicly by defining authorities.
2.    Recognition of Contribution is limited to class and only on Non serious Platforms. 
3.    Students get recognized after several follow-ups by referee resulting in lack of motivation.
Element No. 5 - Feedback
1.    Referred Students who attend counseling or pick admission forms are not followed up properly due to which interested students do not get complete required information.
2.    Updates on Referral Status is generally Unstructured and remain ineffective due to which Referrer students are not updated on the development with Referred Student and gradually loose the interest.
3.    There is no score card system for referral program due to which many students who could ignite due to Pear Pressure doesn't get enough kicks to participate.
Element No. 6 – Follow up
1.    No commitment is taken from every student about Referral Count to be given due to which complete referral program revolves around limited targeted audience.
2.    Face to Face meeting with students who promise to Refer however didn’t referred are not done often.
3.    Ownership with Subject Faculty remains least due to which there is no serious follow-up is sensed. 
In case of any clarification/discussion please feel free to reach me.